Switzerland is more than Calanda, which I was happy to learn during our numerous trips to the city in the fall and winter of 2014.  Our favorite spot is Turbinenbraeu Rampenverkauf.

***Turbinenbraeu:  Badenerstrasse 571.  Brewing since 1997 and selling beer at the source for CHF 1.15 or 1.33 for 0.33l Pfandflasche.  Rampenverkauf: M-F: 8.30-18.30 Uhr; Samstag: 10.00-16.00 Uhr.  I think the Rampenverkauf is cool - sit on the curb, mill around the parking lot, or sit at the huge wooden communal table and drink your bottles.  It could only be better if they had it vom Fass.  However, I like the bottle & Pfand system there because then it's like drink 3, get 1 free!

Steinfels:  Heinrichstrasse 267.  Das Züri West Bier!  Hausbrauerei - Restaurant - Bar.  Teuer wie alles in Schweiz... CHF 8 for 0.5l vom Fass.

Talchern Bräu ist ab sofort wieder bei der Metzgerei Leuenberger bei der Tramhaltestelle Wartau erhältlich, Limmattalstrasse 274. 

Bier Paul is brewed about 20-25 km west of Zurich, but is nonetheless a regional microbrewery with a Zuercher brewmaster.  The brewery has its own little bier paul Brauereiladen at Idastrasse 28, 8003 Zürich.  Öffnungszeiten: Di.-F: 11.00-19.00 Uhr; Samstag: 10.00-16.00 Uhr.

Amboss is so hot right now.  Like Bier Paul, at least part of the brewing process is outside the city limits, but the locals still love it.  A lot of these Rampenverkaufs seem to be only open during busiess hours and a little bit into happy hour, whereas Amboss has a full on bar at Zollstrasse 80 with Öffnungszeiten M.- Do.: 17 Uhr bis 24 Uhr & Freitag schon ab 15 Uhr.  CHF 8 for 0.5l vom Fass.

Hirnibräu Brauerei Aemmer:  Winzerstrasse 79.  This is a mystery because I think the brewery closed and it has no website, but you'll find bars throughout the city serving it - get it while it's hot I guess.

SUDWERK ist eine kleine Schweizer Brauerei mitten im Zürcher Oberland in Pfäffikon/ZH. 

For a Blick of the city, lake and Alps, hike up Uetliberg starting at Albisguetli, which is last stop on tram 13 and takes about an hour.  It's really a very nice view - not so much of the city - but of the lake and Alps.  Bring a picnic.

South of the city is Baar and its namesake brauerei: Brauerei Baar at Langgasse 41 with a restaurant.  Mo.–Fr.: 8.00–24.00; Samstag: Ruhetag; Sonntag: 17.00–23.00.  Manchmal der ist Älper Makkaroni auf die Tageskarte!