2016 Election

Late 2015 and into early 2016 is when I discovered hope in politics.  At the very beginning of Obama's Presidency, I briefly had the feels that race relations and inequality would improve.  After 8 years in office, I see Obama's biggest accomplishments as 1) the creation of many National Parks and Monuments, and 2) ObamaCare: as flawed as it is, it is hopefully a step towards universal healthcare.

In 2012, I voted for the Green Party for the first time after taking a Wahl-o-mat or voting quiz and receiving 98% alignment with Jill Stein.  In 2016, however, Bernie Sanders came along running on the Democratic ticket and thus achieving more media presence than the black-listed Green Party could ever attain.  Sanders' beliefs are strongly aligned with those of the Green Party and he truly gave me hope that our political revolution could succeed.

As indicated by the dates, the articles here represent my perspective on American politics during the primary and into the Trump Presidency.

While I certainly did not vote for this buffoon, I find it slightly comforting that more Americans seem engaged in politics since he entered into office.  Here's hoping that the 2018 Midterm Elections clearly reflect this increased engagment.

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