24.11.2016:  Hypocritical Democrats Demand Recount

While Trump hysteria largely continues, some Clinton Democrats are demanding a recount of votes in sogenannten 'Swing States' and calling on the Electoral College to buck the traditional, constitutional trend and flip their votes to Hillary.  This sounds familiar... almost similar to Superdelegates... in the rigged primary.

Wikileaks, which is a newssource (contradictory to some Dem sheep), has proven in part the completely biased and corrupt 'democratic' presidential primary.  Voters purged from voting rolls, less access to polling places, subjective media suppressing the vote, provisional ballots, and the lack of exit polls plagued the primary and were ALWAYS to Sanders' detriment.  The Clinton Cronies attempted to maintain innocence or ignorance and said she won 'fair and square.'  They told Sanders' supporters to 'get over it' and 'get on board' with Clinton.  And now these same people are crying that the election was unfair and they want a recount.  I also want a recount:  of the primary.  If we're going to dial back and fix the corruption, let's go all the way and not just to the point where it benefits Clinton.