4.2016:  Democratic candidate comparison

Facts about HILLARY:

  • 8 years experience as an elected official in the Senate.
  • Opposed same-sex marriage until 2013:  opposed during 2008 presidential campaign; Defense of Marriage Act & 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' created under Bill.
  • She SHAMED sexual assualt victims - hello 90s!
  • Expects to raise > $1 billion from corporate PACs in this campaign though says she wants to overturn Citizens United.  Furthermore, top campaign contributors incl. investment banks & credit card companies - the sectors she says she'll be tough on; presumably by telling them to 'cut it out' again.
  • Voted YES for all the WARS in Iraq*, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, which destabilized the region & caused the formation of ISIS.
  • Will not outright oppose fracking & promoted it around the world.  Let's not forget she was also an early supporter of the Keystone XL Pipeline.
  • Supported/supports trade agreements that send jobs overseas.
  • The Clinton Foundation is charity fraud that receives millions in donations from oppressive regimes (where women's, religious, & human rights are nonexistent) in exchange for arms deals, favors, & access.

I honestly believe that people who support Hillary Clinton as our next president have extremely limited or selective memory, are completely delusional, or are generally uninformed about domestic & foreign policy.  Based on her policy & record, I will NEVER vote for her.  I cannot vote for her.  I will not be scared into voting for her by the DNC.  I owe nothing to the DNC and people should vote based on politican's policy positions, NOT party lines.  

I think it's time for a new party system altogether.  Millions of Americans are completely dissatisfied with choosing red or blue.  Maybe I want green or a whole rainbow.  If a party does not accurately & honestly represent people's beliefs, then it's time for that party to go.  It's time to take back our democracy.

I voted for the guy who has ALWAYS supported equality & peace.  Facts about Sanders:

  • 34 years experience as an elected official as mayor, Representative and Senator.
  • Lifetime supporter of same-sex marriage; LGBT, family, & civil rights:  he marched with MLK & got arrested protesting segregation!
  • Against corporate money in politics, i.e. Citizens United, and not accepting it in this campaign.
  • Dedicated environmental proponent.  My favorite quote from the debates was when the candidates answered if they support fracking.  Clinton rambled on for like 10 minutes explaining the restrictions she would put in place while Bernie simply said, "My answer is a lot shorter than hers... NO, I do not support fracking."  Ha!
  • Calls for a national $15 minimum wage incl. tipped jobs.
  • Tuition-free university to be paid by Wall St. speculation tax.
  • Supports minimum 12-week paid family leave to give us, especially new parents, a better work-life balance.

I hate when people say that the U.S. can't afford Sanders' proposals or that it is an utopian dream.  To them I say, "Stop!  Your ignorance is showing!"  All it takes is a REALLOCATION of tax dollars AWAY from interventionist wars in the Middle East and INTO education, healthcare & infrastructure.  Look at basically every country in Europe & Scandinavia if you don't believe me.

I also think it's quite barbaric & heartless to be against democratic socialism on the grounds that it makes people lazy, dependent or unmotivated.  Isn't the human species civilized enough to have empathy?  Or doesn't your religion encourage empathy?  MILLIONS of Americans are one minor accident away from financial disaster, living hand to mouth or paycheck to paycheck.  I WISH my tax dollars benefited society as a whole instead of supporting the military-industrial complex.

*Clinton now says voting yes for Iraq was a mistake. A President can NOT make these kinds of mistakes that cause loss of life, destabilize regions & create increased terrorism. We can begin MANY sentences with “Clinton now says...” because she is consistently on the wrong side of history.

If you feel obliged to vote for a woman, then vote for Jill Stein!