7.1.2017:  Russia!

When I think of Russia, I tend to personify the nation with my CEU classmates like my friend Pawel.  I know the leaders of nations are often very different from the populace they (feign to) represent, but it is often the populace that suffers from leaders' decisions or rhetoric.

Russia is a current example.  The Obama administration and the Democratic Party are wasting all their energies in convincing the American people that Russia is evil.  Within the DNC's email release (the authenticity of which was never disputed), Wikileaks revealed the DNC's 'Pied Piper Candidate' strategy to elevate Trump during the primary.  Now, they want the American people to believe that Putin undertook an 'influence campaign' to trash Hillary because he favored Donald (depsite the fact that Hil won the popular vote).  An 'influence campaign' is the vaguest & most ridiculous farce.  How were average Americans influenced by Russia when they are & were constantly bombarded by corporate-owned media that so obviously favored Clinton to the point where they fed her debate questions in advance?  Obama is even escalating the issue by expelling Russian diplomats.

Isn't blaming & demonizing Russia getting a little old?  We already had the Cold War and this rhetoric sounds eerily familiar to the propaganda used to stimulate support for the illegal invasion of Iraq.  I know it would be great to further inflate the military-industrial corporate coffers, but I'm pretty sure most American (and Russian for that matter) citizens do not want, even indirectly, more war.  I'm not saying the Russian regime is all well-to-do, but remember that saying about people in glass houses, Obama?  How many times has the US interfered in, and even gone to war over, regime-change or elections in other countries?  81.  And we're not falling for the 'oh, but we had to bring democracy' guise anymore.