7.6.2016:  Our final Super Tuesday

The mainstream media announced last night that Clinton is the Democratic nominee, despite the fact that our largest state hasn't voted yet and ~20% of the delegates remain.  Based on my previous essay, I understand how it could come to this, but I'm still so disappointed in the people that can vote for Clinton IN A PRIMARY.  In all my recent political conversations with family, friends & Democrats Abroad peeps, I've never heard convincing reasons to vote for her.  Everyone says 'because she's better than Trump' or because she's a woman.  Voting for her because you don't like Trump is completely irrelevant because it's a PRIMARY and we're currently comparing two Democratic candidates.  Furthermore, her favorability ratings are extremely low and many general election polls show her losing or very narrowly winning against Trump in November.  People are completely ignoring the fact that Sanders BEATS Trump in every general election match-up by a nice, wide margin.  I'm #stillSanders.  Counting on you CA, NJ, MT, NM, ND, SD & DC!  Meanwhile, to those who have said from the beginning that Sanders doesn't stand a chance & haven't voted for him:  congratulations on contributing to a potentially self-fulfilling prophecy, let's hope your district wins in Trump's 2018 Hunger Games.

Media Voter Suppression