Planning always starts with a concept and John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley served as the initial inspiration for a tour around the USA.  Christian introduced the cycling component.  My economics education at Bucknell & CEU and good ole common sense & logic shaped the Freedom framework.

The dream was born and the following resources helped bring it to life.

Building your bicycle:

Our next American tandem will probably be a Santana from California.  There are many companies that produce frames & components in the USA. Cyclophiliac has a great list of custom American road-bike framebuilders.

Traveling by bicycle:

Adventure Cycling Association 

Warm Showers

American Bike League

Traveling by train:

Combining cycling with the Amtrak train helps cover longer distances faster and we like riding the train.  We can enjoy some amazing landscape while National Park Service's Trails & Rails program provides cultural heritage context.

We hope this tour will help promote the environmental benefits & (potential) convenience of train travel and urge people to demand more investment in our public transit infrastructure.

We also want to promote the bike & train connection. It brings like-minded people together & encourages an active lifestyle.  Amtrak should allow & have space for bikes on all trains:  ditch the boxes & get some hooks up in there.

Bicycle Accessories:

Light & Motion produces great lights in Marina, CA for activites on the bike, on the mountain, on the water and even under the water.  For our combination of nature & urban travel, we chose the versatile & long-lasting Solite 250 EX.  To protect our junk in the trunk, the VIS 180 Micro's got our back. 

Looking good on your bicycle:


Aero Tech Designs


Made in USA:

Joe Cruz's List of everything bike-related Made in the USA.