Mysterious Seattle... a hipster trend?  cleaned up grunge?  competing against Portland?  I don't know.  All I know is it brought some thirsty, enlightened types creating an established and simultaneously burgeoning craft beer scene.  UND a craft spirits scene as well?  Let's hope, because "craft spirits" sounds like some crazy Native American peace party juice and I WANT SOME.  And so does Elena.  Elena lives in this city at the moment so let's create this Seattle brewery and peace tour for her, which therefore requires she be resonspible for field research: here's looking at you, kid.

I know of at least one craft distillery called Copperworks that makes whiskey!!  And gin and vodka.  It's on Alaskan Way on the water - whiskey on the water has such a nice ring to it.  It's just south of the aquarium, which provides a perfect location to follow (or introduce) your whiskey with some yummy, craft beer at Pike Brewing Co. or, less preferably, the TGI Friday of breweries, Rock Bottom.  Pike has a "TANDEM" double ale:  Elena, even if you don't do anything else on this list, promise me you'll try this beer.  Both Pike & Rock (that would be a cool conglomerate name, but never do that Pike) have restaurants and then can therefore provide DRUNCH.  Pike uses local, organic, sustainable products for its pub fare menu.  Finally, while you're in the hood you should probably pick-up some ginger beer at Rachel's, which is just up the street from Pike, to make dark & stormies at a later date.  Or that night if you are truly ambitious.  Only use Kraken, the rum with the cool octopus print on the label.