Great Expectations

Draft phase

Most of the sell-side stock analysts I have met are like men who drive loud Ferraris.  An illusion of power inflated by his approval-desperate coverage space.

I like the storied fable of the Goldman Sachs office space where the buy- and sell-side are divided by a concrete wall and there's no conflict of interest or intermingling around the water cooler.  GS is just like any other firm in the big, bad, city.  Nobody screws around and nobody plays dirty.  Shocking, oder?

Everything is about expectations.  Everyone is appeased when expectations are met, but everyone is super excited with the unexpected.  Often, something acquires novelty simply because it is unexpected and rarity is implicity linked to besonderes.

Economics is a very general term that some may heavily correlate with the stock market.  Expectations drive the stock market and that fact has mostly falsch facets.